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Cheri is a participating teacher with the Oil Painting Expressions online e-course. Theses courses consist of a variety of oil painting lessons given by renowned oil artists from around the globe. The lessons are presented every two weeks for the first 5 months of the course. All of the course files and videos are available to registered students for up to eleven months.

New to Oils? We make it easy to learn! Watch and paint along with the short tutorials in the Oil Basics Brush Ups Series covering topics like surface preparation, blending, leaves, twigs, fruit, flower petals, shapes, gold leafing, varnishing, and more. Already an accomplished oil painter? Then you can pick up some valuable oil techniques to add to your skillset!

For just one price of $99 USF, the student can paint along or audit the lesson, and your subscription includes the Oil Basics Brush Ups Series.

March 6, 2017 - February 1, 2018
Teaching - Bowl of Cherries

Jean Archer, Robyn Brooks, Jeanne Downing, Mary Jo Leisure, Pat Parker, Cheri Rol, Shirley Nan Ruchong, and Patsy Schultis are offering the lessons for OPE Session 4. Study with each of these teachers in the comfort of your home and at your leisure. Your

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Oil Painting Expressions Online E-Course Projects.

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